• Hotel Aquarell
  • Üllő, iroda és raktár
  • Abony, Sportcentrum
  • Vir, nyaraló
  • Ruttner farm
  • Családi ház
  • Velence, Meseliget Óvoda

About us

The Horizont 4 Kft. ( Ltd.) was formed in 1998 by 4 engineers , then became the complete property of architect Csaba T?rs , directing designing architect. Despite this, the relationship with previous partners still remains active; they take a significant part in the technical planning.

Our office make architectural and general designing . At times we take on the full-scale technical supervision of our buildings, but we offer help with applications and competitions concerning any project.

Our aim is to design and execute houses of high quality and standard The professionals we work with operate concentrated on the final success, so that the wishes of Our Clients could come true.


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